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{Food Blog} After a long time here I am again, blogging. How are you all? I’m looking forward for the ber months…

Where Is Miley?

Where Is Miley?

I saw this picture from a news feed online. And now I’m thinking, where is the original and sweet young face Miley? Some of course know her as Hannah Montanna, but then again – what happen? Was the break up with Liam that painful that she has to change 180°?...
One Life. One Love. Live.

One Life. One Love. Live.

I want to share this video to all you all. I didn’t realized that I’ll love Jared Leto for this even more. The song itself tells a lot. Dreams, wishes, failures, success and most of all trials in life. I hope this 5 minutes will inspire you more in whatever...
City of Angels - All for Finn

City of Angels – All for Finn

Well, I thought at first that they’re gonna perform City of Angels by 30 Seconds to Mars – Go #JaredLeto (I’m a fan!). But anyway, watching Skylar Astin perform on the stage reminds me of flashbacks to Pitch Perfect. I cried a lot from this episode because they reminded me...
Oscars 2014: The Winners List in Full

Oscars 2014: The Winners List in Full

I can’t wait to see Dallas Buyers Club, Gravity and Blue Jasmine. I want to know the full story behind this. Now that Jared got the title, he’s my crush now hahaha! I feel sorry though because Leonardo didn’t win. I wanted him to get the title. But it’s fine....
Working Outfit

Working Outfit

My choice of blazers if I’m still at work. Oh I miss those days. But nothing can compare to the blessings of being with my kids and serving my husband at home. No salary, no shopping. But it’s all worth it. Alhamdulillah. In sha Allah God willing, we’ll manage to...
Korean Style

Korean Style

If you will see the designs below, you’ll know the reason why I titled this post, Korean style. I think it’s already a trademark that if the clothing line is more likely dainty and vintage-ish, it’s probably a Korean style. Take a look at my random picks below. The tops...
2014 Oscars: The nominees' list

2014 Oscars: The nominees’ list

The Academy Awards will air live on ABC on March 2, starting at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. For complete coverage on the awards season, click here. Make sure to watch out and see if your favorites will win this year. I will highlight in bold the ones that I...

I’ve always been a fan of Prince William. But after his marriage to Kate, I’m now a fan of Kate instead. I wonder how it feels to be a Prince’s wife. Even though I’ve seen her many times wearing the same blue wedges shoes, it’s all good. She’s still perfect. Here are some candid shots of her where I believe she still looks beautiful.

The Duchess of Cambridge plays hockey with the GB hockey teams at the Riverside Arena in the Olympic Park.

The Duchess of Cambridge leaves the addiction charity’s Hope House treatment centre in Clapham, South London following her visit.

The Duchess of Cambridge during a visit to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, as part of a nine-day tour of the Far East and South Pacific, with the Duke of Cambridge, in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. That’s the blue wedge shoes that she always like to wear.


Duchess of Cambridge watches the Olympic Laser Radial medal race off Weymouth today.

Prince Harry and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visit athletes at Team GB House in the Westfield Centre on Day 13 of the London 2012 Olympic Games on August 9, 2012 in London, England. — and that’s the shoes again.

I’ll be back more for more of the Duchess pics. She’s really stunning! Doesn’t she?

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  1. elizabeth says:

    Dec 15, 2013


    I love this princess and her hubby. They are such a great pair. Love the photos too. Listen Jhari, there is a link issue with spicy-mix. Check on i.

  2. farida says:

    Dec 16, 2013


    I am also curious about the food she eats. With her enviable figure, she must be discussing with their chef the dishes she prefers.

  3. Maan says:

    Dec 16, 2013


    Haha, your comment on the shoes is quite funny! I like Duchess Kate, too. In fact, I think I like everything about her, from her style and her grace to her attitude!
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  4. melgie says:

    Dec 16, 2013


    She is really beautiful. I love her taste for fashion and everything she wear looks great! Prang hindi lang nanganak ah..:)

  5. Mommy Maye says:

    Dec 17, 2013


    She is absolutely stunning! And it's amazing how she got back to her pre-natal figure that easy.
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  6. Ria C says:

    Dec 20, 2013


    She's one royalty I really like. She's not pompous and her fashion style is elegant but not too haute.

  7. Marie says:

    Dec 23, 2013


    she looks soo classy! it is like princess diana came back to life :)
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