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Oscars 2014: Red Carpet

Oscars 2014: Red Carpet

The winners has been announced. Let’s see who caught among these beautiful ladies will catch your attention. I don’t know why Jennifer always trips on each award shows hahaha! This year, she didn’t won an award, but an epic fail again tripping off by a cone. I so love her on Glee. I can’t wait...
Working Outfit

Working Outfit

My choice of blazers if I’m still at work. Oh I miss those days. But nothing can compare to the blessings of being with my kids and serving my husband at home. No salary, no shopping. But it’s all worth it. Alhamdulillah. In sha Allah God willing, we’ll manage to pay our debts.
Korean Style

Korean Style

If you will see the designs below, you’ll know the reason why I titled this post, Korean style. I think it’s already a trademark that if the clothing line is more likely dainty and vintage-ish, it’s probably a Korean style. Take a look at my random picks below. The tops are just fabulous! and stripes...
First Post For 2014

First Post For 2014

9 days of the new year 2014, and this is the first time that I will be updating. I found myself so lazy this past few days especially when I found out that my daughter will be having another week of exam 10 days from now. That will drain me once again and I need...

What Do You Think Of This?

I don’t know why, but I find this outfit a little too gay-ish. Don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong. I love gay people. I respect them fully, it’s just that this outfit will not go through my husband’s closet for sure. Because first he don’t like tight jeans like this. The shoes is very...

What To Pair With A Colored Pants

Now here’s what you can call, awesome! No need to worry what top you can wear with a red pants. I never realized that we can match as many as this.

My Top Picks For Summer Dresses In 2013

The sunshine is starting to make an appearance at last, and if you’re like me, you’ll be thinking about your spring and summer wardrobe already. I’m counting down the months, weeks and days until I’ll be heading on my holidays overseas, and I want to make sure that what I buy now can be used...


I’m not, hahaha! I’m a boring person especially with clothes. How I wish I can be that brave to wear clothes and explore a lot of trendy clothes such as maxi skirts, skinny jeans and loose blouses. How I wish.

9 Ways to Dress Up Your Skinny Jeans

I’m one very boring person when it comes to dressing up. My usual wear would be a square cut jeans and a boring long sleeve. I wanted to go along the fashion but my confidence beats me to death. I wanted to try and explore the modest way possible but still in jive with the...

Blue Maxi Skirt

And the search begins now. I recently bought a blue maxi skirt and now I don’t know what to pair with it. Pinterest to the rescue. Here are my choices.   Mine has a belt similar to the top left. But I want the ides on what to wear on top. Are my choices awesome?...

Another Fashion Idea

Well, let’s talk about color blocking once again. This girl was able to pull off a black sweater + cuff + striped tee + coral red pants + leopard shoes. I have a colored jeans like that. Now where shall I get that stripe top? Hmmm… Sometimes I’m really afraid to explore clothing lines with...


Who would’ve thought that you can easily pair a red shoes with a polka dot top and turquoise accent? Well, this girl just nailed it perfectly! Source: weheartit.com viaJhaℜi on Pinterest