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First Post For 2014

First Post For 2014

9 days of the new year 2014, and this is the first time that I will be updating. I found myself so lazy this past few days especially when I found out that my daughter will be having another week of exam 10 days from now. That will drain me once again and I need...

What To Pair With A Colored Pants

Now here’s what you can call, awesome! No need to worry what top you can wear with a red pants. I never realized that we can match as many as this.


Who would’ve thought that you can easily pair a red shoes with a polka dot top and turquoise accent? Well, this girl just nailed it perfectly! Source: viaJhaℜi on Pinterest

Colored Jeans

Are you this bold to try on wearing colored jeans? Well, I want to. But I can’t seem to find a perfect match if ever I do get one. It feel so colorful and bright for a person with a petite body like me. But why when I look at these ladies, they make it...

Communication with Color

Saw this over the Daily Digi website and would like to share with you over here. See what your favorite color means. RED: Energy, war, danger, strength, power, passion, desire, love         ORANGE: The energy of red + the happiness of yellow. Joy, sunshine, tropics, enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, determination, encouragement.    ...

Pastel Colors

This will give you a great way to color up any part of your home or if you simply just want to design something. According to Martha, these are 18 go-with-everything, paint-anything, put-anywhere hues and projects that will work in any room.

Love Being Green

I’m really sorry for not updating much over here. It’s currently summer vacation for my SIL and her kids, so my eyes are always focused on my kids these day. I still do update my new blog since it’s part of my Photo-a-day challenge. Anyway, summer is up. Here’s my pick for a good summer...

Nail Art

I’m not professional so you’ll see different nail art on this one. SIL’s daughter have no classes so I can practice with her cute nails. I’m searching for some tutorials on how to make cute nail art for kids. Tomorrow I will do a mickey mouse polka dot on her.

December Wedding Bliss

The brother of my friend will tie the knot in a few days from now. I wonder what motif they chose for their wedding. Below are the top colors that you can choose from if you’re planning a December wedding next year. And here are more ideas too. Love the color. If given the chance,...

Color Block: The Hottest Trend this Summer Season

For anyone who loves fashion, being bold and taking risks are already a part of your commitment towards looking good at all times. Fashion should be used as an expression of one’s personality and style preference. Trends are established by popular designer houses in order to give their clients a peek on what’s the latest...

5 Must Have Nail Polish

Well, I’m recently addicted with polishing my nails. I wish I have more colors to choose from though. So I search for the Top 5 must have nail polish. Here’s the result. 1. Classic Red Product Information: Love & Beauty’s Rose, Chanel’s Dragon, OPI’s Big Apple Red, Essie’s Who’s She Red 2. Pretty Pink Product...

Tyrian Purple Motif

I was browsing an old friend’s wedding over Daniel Tan’s blog and I find their wedding very very very beautiful. It’s not really the first time that I see a purple like motif but this one is the most simplest and cutest of them all. Some purple motif ends up not good at all, but...